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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a unique and powerful ERP solution, entirely developed to fulfill the industry-specific requirements of SMEs. The software supports the customization to an extreme level. Letting you grow in all ways, this business management software excellently bundles the business intelligence to your processes and departments.We understand the importance of all-time-available scenario which makes you a responsible SME for your customers. That’s the reason why the remote access is allowed for the employees. They can intuitively access the required information from their mobile devices, without worrying about the location and time. SAP Business One is literally something beyond a simple ERP. It’s your smart performance booster with fantastic capabilities!

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Accounting and Financials

With the accounting and Financials in SAP Business One, it is easy to automate, integrate and organize all your relevant operations. Allowing you to handle the increasing business complexity, it helps you in banking, budgeting, costing, reporting and all such operations. So, improve your decision making power, precision, and speed with our automated solutions!

Sales and Customer Relationship Management

SAP Business One comes with the powerful Customer Relationship management functionality, giving you the complete managerial access to the different prospects of your business. Customers, leads, vendors, traders, suppliers and business partners, along with your previous contacts, can be well-managed here to increase the customer satisfaction level to new heights.

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Market Analysis

Purchasing and Inventory

Manage your sales quotations, business agreements, billing, purchase orders, delivery reports, packaging information, material planning and all inventory-related data through our strategically-designed software. SAP Business One lets you avail the best Purchasing and Inventory Management services with economical feasibility and better efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics

Enabled with advanced business intelligence, SAP Business One is capable of answering the critical queries of your employees in real-time. Utilizing the stored data, it can perform analytics and reporting to the greatest precision and hence it can deliver intuitive and easy access to the authorized employees saving a good amount of time for you

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Production and Operations

To smoothly handle the production orders, processes, operations, updates and quality checks, -you’ll need SAP Business One for sure. Stock-outs and product quantity are easily manageable through this ERP product so that the production optimization and delivery management can be precisely done.

Project Management

Service or production, both industries need project management to be implemented with fabulousness. Project pipelining, process assignment, tracking, billing, real-time access to the core business functions, remote access to critically-needed data, and working through mobile app has made the project management cost-effectively and hassle-free.

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SAP Business One on Mobile
SAP Business One on HANA
Data Cloud
SAP Business One on Cloud

SAP Business One makes it easy to handle the key processes of your business from anywhere and at any time. The user-friendly mobile app is built for the Android and iOS platforms to help you complete your business-specific tasks on the go.

Monitoring inventory levels, fetching the detailed information about the products, performing schedules sales actions, getting notifications about the market price changes and handling service call activities is possible from your mobile device if you are using SAP Business One.

For a scalable and growing venture, SAP Business One on HANA can be used for better business management. This performance-oriented and cost-effective ERP solution have a capable in-memory computing platform which enhances the real-time performance and makes it par, even if you have a massive amount of data to deal with. Expansion in business size is not a thing to worry about if you are using the SAP Business One on HANA.

You can choose between the on-premise or cloud solution for the deployment according to your capacity, requirements, and convenience. Intuitive analytics, quick sales report generation, precise real-time insights and better management of core business processes through the application helps our customer in maintaining better performance and revenues than ever before.

SAP Business One on Cloud is a cloud-based ERP solution, build for streamlining your core business processes with utter smoothness and ease. The always-available and remotely accessible business software can enhance your organization’s performance in sales, inventory management, financials and all the core processes.

Subscription-based SaaS scenario reduces the hardware costs to a new minimum. Cloud’s efficiency, power-packed features, secure data-centers, innovative technologies, and top-notch scalable offered by the product will surely help you in meeting your business goals and growing exponentially.

SAP Business One Implementation

SAP Business One Implementation varies from industry to industry and from organization to organization. We provide complete consultation and installation services for successful and least time-consuming SAP Business One Implementation.

To cultivate a strong group for your company’s success, we can implement the SAP Business One with the industry-specific customizations. The product is available for multiple industries including retail, clothing, apparel, tea, support, CRM, FMCG, Power & Energy, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, wholesale, food, beverages, staffing, electronics, chemical, wires & cables, textile & yarn, dairy, poultry, and service industry. Whichever is your area of work, we can optimize and automate your core business processes including sales, analytics, accounting, financials, inventory, operations, and production so that you can touch new heights in performance. Enjoy higher customer satisfaction, hassle-free business management and boosted revenue with our perfect SAP Business One Implementation services.

SAP Business One Licensing

Licensing of SAP Business One is as scalable as the solution itself. Easy modular structure, utilized for distributing the SAP software licenses, allows the buyers to pay for the specific number of users needed for the time being. Increasing number of employees in your organization will not need drastic changes in the software.
The purchase of SAP Business One can be made through the SAP channel partners and from SAP stores. You can choose the best and industry-specific solution from the 500 custom-built solutions.

Benefits of using SAP Business One

  • Intuitive report management for better insights and administration.

  • Easily streamlining of core business processes to let you focus on growing the business.

  • Careful management of customer relationships and precious sales contacts for the nurturing your leads in the right way.

  • Lower cost of running the business and better efficiency due to optimized processes.

  • No more errors and redundancies in data, as everything is maintained within a standalone integrated system.

  • Better record tracking, inventory management, and distribution.

  • Excellent accounting and finance management

  • User-friendly interface, allowing the employees to fetch the real-time reports

  • Automation of procurement entire process.

  • Business intelligence is integrated into the functionality to handle complex queries.

  • Quick and precision decision-making process can be initiated for faster actions.

  • Achieve excellence in the sales process and after-sale support to maintain good customer relationships.

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